Best Paper Awards

GeoChina 2021 Best Paper Award
(Open to papers accepted and presented at the conference)

Best Paper Awards will be presented in GeoChina 2021 to authors whose works represent novel research with significant real-world applications. By recognizing these selected papers for their originality and significance, GeoChina 2021 highlights some of the theoretical and practical innovations that are likely to shape the future of infrastructure design and construction.

Best Paper Award Nomination:
The GeoChina 2021 Chairs will be asked to nominate 2 or more candidate papers for the Best Paper Award selection. In addition, each technical session chair will be asked to nominate two papers from the track chairing. Nominators will consider the technical review comments received and can seek further technical assessment for their nominations as required.
Best Paper Award Selection:
In order to have a fair and open selection process, the GeoChina 2021 Chairs will appoint 5 distinguished members in the Selection Committee to review the nominated candidate papers and vote to select the Best Paper Award winners. Papers not presented in the conference by one of the authors cannot be selected as the award winner. Committee members should attend GeoChina 2021 conference and finalise their votes after listening to presentations (oral or poster) of the nominated papers. Each committee member will be asked to shortlist their top five papers. The committee members will be asked to email their selection to the GeoChina 2021 Chairs. All votes are kept confidential. The top five papers with most votes will be the winners of the Best Paper Award.

Listed below are the five best papers from GeoChina 2018:

  1. Generalized Solutions for Lateral Bearing Behavior of Large Diameter Monopile Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbine Considering Double Additional Moment Effects - Ming-xing Zhu, Hong-qian Lu, Guo-liang Dai, Wei-ming Gong and Lei Wang
  2. A Macro-Element Approach for Non-linear Response of Offshore Skirted Footings - Amin Barari and Lars Bo Ibsen
  3. A Parametric Study of Deep Mixing Columns and Fibre Reinforced Load Transfer Platform Supported Embankments - Liet Chi Dang, Cong Chi Dang and Hadi Khabbaz
  4. In-situ determination of void ratio and compactness in saturated soils using a partially automated measuring system based on microwaves - Maren Katterbach and Samuel Poretti
  5. Mechanical assessment of crushed rocks derived from tunnelling operations - Diego Maria Barbieri, Inge Hoff, and Mai Britt Engeness Mørk
  6. Numerical Investigation on Muck Pressures During EPB Shield Tunneling with Varying Discharge Ratio Based on Coupled PFC3D/FLAC3D Method - Shuying Wang, Tongming Qu, Jinyang Fu, Qinxin Hu, and Junsheng Yang